Advanced Empirical Software Engineering

This course covers advanced research topics in computer vision assuming basic knowledge of computer vision. The course will prepare graduate students in both the theoretical foundations of computer vision as well as the practical approaches to building real computer vision systems. Topics covered include multi-view geometry, motion analysis and activity recognition, unsupervised representation

SWE 701

Advanced Software Quality Assurance

The course covers how to produce and implement standards to improve the development life cycle and ensure that Quality Assurance processes are followed, and how these processes fit into the overall software development process, how to deliver high quality products in terms of predictability and reliability on time and within budget. It also covers the implementation of organizational quality

SWE 705

Software Maintenance, Evolution, and Re-Engineering

Network‬ security ‬is ‬one‬ of ‬the‬ ever-evolving‬ domains ‬of‬ research.‬ The‬ course‬ has ‬to ‬go ‬deeply‬ into ‬large ‬scale‬ network‬ attacks ‬and‬ its‬ direct‬ and ‬indirect‬ impacts.‬ Students‬ have‬ to‬ examine ‬in‬ full‬ details‬ the ‬DoS,‬ DDoS, ‬Malware-based ‬attacks,‬ penetration ‬testing‬ methodologies,‬ network‬ monitoring,‬ and‬ botnet‬ detection. ‬The‬ course‬ also ‬targets

SWE 702

Advanced Software Testing, Verification and Reliability

In ‬this ‬course, ‬students ‬go ‬deeply ‬into ‬the ‬different ‬digital ‬cyber crime ‬scenes ‬and ‬scenarios; ‬from‬ the‬ criminal‬ and‬ the‬ victim(s)‬ perspectives.‬ The‬ course‬ analyses‬ the‬ vulnerability‬ foundation,‬ traditional‬ causes,‬ system‬ strengths‬ and‬ weaknesses,‬ counter measures,‬ and‬ prevention‬ and‬ protection ‬techniques. ‬Human ‬vulnerabilities, ‬insider ‬threats‬ and‬

SWE 703

Advanced Software Architecture and Design

The‬ course‬ discusses ‬the ‬enormous‬ potential ‬application‬ for ‬Bitcoin-like‬ technologies ‬in ‬different‬ domains. ‬It ‬covers ‬the ‬technical ‬aspects ‬of ‬engineering ‬secure ‬software, ‬system ‬interactions ‬with‬ crypto-currencies,‬ and‬ distributed‬ consensus‬ for‬ reliability.‬ The‬ course‬ enables‬ students‬ to‬ thoroughly‬ understand‬ the‬ know-how‬ of‬ the‬ newly‬ introduced‬

SWE 704

Selected topics in Software Engineering

This‬ course‬ is‬ tailored‬ to‬ introduce‬ students‬ to‬ the‬ latest‬ advances‬ in‬ the‬ various‬ fields‬ in‬ Information‬ Security,‬ and/or‬to‬ focus‬ on‬ a‬ specific‬ area‬ of‬ particular‬interest‬to‬the‬ discipline.‬ There‬ areas‬ may‬ contain‬ concentration‬ of‬ recent‬ advances‬ in‬ some‬ of‬ the‬ following‬ topics:‬ Authentication‬and‬access‬control‬- Anonymity‬and‬privacy‬- Cryptographic

SWE 790