Advanced Software Architecture and Design

The‬ course‬ discusses ‬the ‬enormous‬ potential ‬application‬ for ‬Bitcoin-like‬ technologies ‬in ‬different‬ domains. ‬It ‬covers ‬the ‬technical ‬aspects ‬of ‬engineering ‬secure ‬software, ‬system ‬interactions ‬with‬ crypto-currencies,‬ and‬ distributed‬ consensus‬ for‬ reliability.‬ The‬ course‬ enables‬ students‬ to‬ thoroughly‬ understand‬ the‬ know-how‬ of‬ the‬ newly‬ introduced‬ blockchain‬ technology‬ and‬ its‬ applications.‬ ‬ The‬ course‬ covers‬ peer-to-peer‬ networking,‬ blockchain‬ foundational‬ concept,‬ architecture,‬ technologies,‬ applications,‬ distributed‬ digital‬ ledger,‬ cryptocurrencies,‬ bitcoin,‬ ethereum,‬hyper ledgers ‬and‬ similar. ‬The ‬course ‬covers the ‬current ‬and ‬proposed‬ implementations‬ and‬ applications‬ in‬ various‬ domains.‬ The‬ course‬ also‬ covers‬ different‬ challenges‬ facing‬ the‬ blockchain ‬technologies including‬ attack ‬scenarios ‬and ‬proposed ‬mitigation ‬techniques.‬

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SWE 704
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