Dr. Nashwa Abdelbaki

Associate Professor

Dr. Nashwa Abdelbaki is an associate professor at NU. She is the Information Security Program Director since its inauguration. Dr. Abdelbaki is also leading the research group of cloud computing and interactive multimedia to introduce the future integrated multimedia multiparty communication system in a collaborative environment with emphasis on the education sector. Her research interest in this regard elaborates on enhancing school education and student learning using the new research and technology fields and trends such as gamification, virtual labs, augmented reality, humanoid robots, cloud computing and information security. She has published over forty refereed conference and journal papers and book chapters. She has also served as program committee member in several international scientific journals and conferences. Dr. Abdelbaki received her Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) degree with grade 1.0, in the field of multimedia networking from Faculty of Engineering, Ulm University, Germany. She received her M.Sc. degree from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in Cairo, and B.Sc. from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. Nashwa Abdelbaki is an early Internet pioneer, bringing Internet connectivity to Egypt in the late 80s and early 1990s. She helped to build Egypt's national networks both locally and regionally and took technical lead of the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) and the central registry of the Egyptian Top-Level Domain .EG. She is an active member of organizing several international IT conferences and networking workshops. She participated in the submission of the first proposal to establish AfriNIC. She served as an ICANN ccNSO Council member (2007-2010) and a member of the African Top-Level Domain (AFTLD) Executive Committee.