• Distinguished experience and highly educated professors and teaching assistants.
  • An excellent relationship with International Information Technology vendors including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Dell EMC, Google, and others project-based learning approach.
  • Small class sizes and dedicated mentorship using in-campus and online office hours.
  • Advanced academic undergraduate programs including Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Informatics, and Computer Science with a focus on Media Informatics and Big Data/Data Science.
  • Unique Master of Science and Professional Master Programs in Information Security, Software Engineering, and Informatics.
  • High-quality diplomas in Big Data/Data Science and Bioinformatics.



Our Vision

To be a world-class school, recognized as one of the top in the region in research, education, and entrepreneurship.


The mission of the school is to contribute to the development of cultural values and to information technology-driven economies in the region through the pursuit of education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the highest levels of excellence.


  • Collaboration with leading international universities in Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Canada.
  • A signed memorandum of understanding with international corporates including IBM, VMWare, Cisco, Dell EMC, Microsoft, and others.
  • Highly qualified alumni who are able to pursue their Ph.D. in the top 100 universities worldwide and others leading the government sectors and multinational Information Technology companies.