Why Information Technology and Computer Science? 

ITCS provides real-world experience and practical skills that are acquired from competitions, hackathons, internships, and research. The programs offer a well-rounded education and prepare students for various careers in computer science through the faculty staff who come from diverse backgrounds in academia, industry, and research.

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School Programs


Physics Lab

Nile University’s electronic lab combines basic electronic instrumentation and high technology equipment to serve the university’s undergraduates all the way through their five-year educational journey and postgraduates with their advanced research. The electronics lab includes oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies and electronic inventory.
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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab is a facility in which student can evaluate and experience virtual reality representations of products that are yet to be presented using virtual reality technologies. The lab enables students, research assistants, senior researcher to visualize designs, develop immersive VR environments, and to test new VR and AR technologies. Currently, Biomedical
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Big Data and High-performance Computing Lab

The Big Data and High-Performance Computing Laboratory serve two important student communities. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence majors learn how to assemble, set up, run and administer “state-of-the-art” computer equipment. Students within the core disciplines such as media informatics and big data tracks learn how to write parallel programming codes able as well as deep learning
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I have had the pleasure of attending several virtual events during 2020 organized by the faculty of Information technology and Computer Science at Nile University, all of which were consistently well-organized and managed. From the caliber of the esteemed guests and their choice of topics to the virtual event management on various platforms to the excellent moderation of Q&A sessions. Every aspect was a source of inspiration. All this gracefully during the pandemic is a definite sign of ITCSNU's passion for learning — a natural stance given the institution's long history of excellence. Through these events, NU embraced a powerfully positive position during challenging times, becoming a medium for knowledge transfer and a regional and international contributor to the sciences.

Dr. Abd-Elhamid M. Taha

Engineering Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA


I certify that computer science at Nile University is one of those few programs with high quality and up-to-date curricula delivered by prestigious and knowledgeable staff. The computer science faculty at Nile University contributed to reshaping my daughter's personality with the range of on-campus activities available for students. This was what assisted my daughter in catching a prestigious, well-paid job soon after graduation from the Faculty of Information Technology at Nile University. To sum up, for those parents searching for the best education at an affordable cost, Nile University is one of the best in the computer science field. It is a true value for money, with its up-to-date specializations, dedicated staff, and prestigious community that you will never regret your son or daughter joining.

Dr. Rasha ELNaggar ( Parent of Alumnus Student)

Former Business Program Coordinator and Helwan University Business School Staff


Leadership plays a vital role in any institution that aims to provide excellent education, research, and community service. This is why I understand the leaps made by the school of Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile University in very few years. This is also why I recommend ITCS leadership for any collaboration with my Universities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Prof. Haitham Al-Feel

Former CIO of Fayoum University and Former Vice Dean of Students & Academic Affairs, Faculty of Information & Computer Science


I would like to express my most profound appreciation for the professional level of leadership you presented at Nile University that produced the excellent level of delivery in education, scientific research, and innovation, which I have witnessed during my visit to your esteemed institution.

Mr. Yousry El-Gamal

Former Minister of Education and the Informatics and Computer Science Sector Committee Member