About Computational Drug Discovery and Development Professional Diploma (C3D)


The diploma is constructed to provide a particular focus on the applied and interdisciplinary computational sciences in the field of drug discovery and development.



The Computational Drug Discovery & Development (CDDD or C3D) Professional Diploma forms the base to incorporate interdisciplinary computational methods to the need for drug discovery and development in the current digital and electronic era. C3D is designed to cover multidisciplinary state-of-art computational approaches in drug discovery and development.

The study journey starts with fundamental structural bioinformatics approaches (e.g., protein modeling and molecular docking), to advanced methodologies (e.g., MD simulations). Interestingly, a paradigm shift to quantum mechanics approaches (e.g., semiempirical and ab initio methods and others) is covered in C3D. Leaping from discovery to development, artificial intelligence (AI) approaches in development will be demonstrated in C3D (e.g., PCA, HCA, and ANN), as well as industry-related Quality by Design approaches (e.g., DoE) and many more.

 After completing this diploma, you will be able to plan, perform computational experiments, analyse, and interpret relevant drug discovery and development data on a Linux/windows- based environment by using existing tools, in an efficient way, aiming to fulfil both research and market demands. 

The diploma offers diverse topics and practical sessions to ensure a complete all-round grooming of the aspirant. The diploma adds to the candidate’s potential of entering this field by developing the following major competencies: 

  •  Knowledge of the theoretical aspects in different branches of the C3D 
  •  Performing practical training and hands-on training of different C3D topics 
  •  Analysing and critically assessing different scientific reports in the topic. 
  • Developing team-work spirit and communication skills. 
  • Experience of global scenarios, scope, and opportunities. 

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