ITCS Seniors Secure First Place in International Hackathon for Innovative Multi-Sign-Language Cross-Translation Project

The School of Information Technology and Computer Science proudly congratulates our exceptional senior students, Nora Abdelhady Mohamed Kasiem, Manar Adel Mohamed Taha Hamed, Diaa Ayman Hamdy Azzam, and Safwa Mohamed Ahmed Nagy, on their remarkable achievement. They have secured first place in an international hackathon hosted by Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (VOIS) for their groundbreaking project, "Multi sign language cross translation."

This innovative initiative, which has garnered widespread recognition, originated as their graduation project under the expert guidance of Dr. Tamer Arafa. It initially took shape as a class project skillfully supervised by Dr. Ghade Khoriba. The students' dedication, ingenuity, and tireless efforts have resulted in a cutting-edge solution that has impressed judges and industry professionals.