Nile University Shines at Net Mob 2023: Advancing Research in Mobile Service Usage

We are proud to announce that Nile University successfully concluded its participation in the Net Mob 2023 International Conference and Competition held at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain.

Our university presented three accepted research papers during the event. These papers included topics such as "Generating App Usage Data from Tax Data: The Artificial Data Approach - Analysis of French Data"; the second research focused on "Real-time Detection and Prediction of Social Disruptions and Disasters Using Mobile Data Movement", while the third paper discussed "Predicting Societal Productivity Indicators Using Workforce Behavior Dynamics".

The conference and competition revolved around the general theme of understanding social challenges through the lens of mobile service usage. It explored how the spatial and temporal aspects of mobile app consumption are connected to major challenges faced by modern societies today and whether monitoring app usage and preserving privacy by mobile network operators help detect and address such problems when they arise.

The goal of the conference was to discuss ideas related to creating reliable artificial datasets for mobile phones. During the event, participants were encouraged to conduct innovative studies that explore the potential links between emerging data from mobile applications and society. They also discussed ideas related to developing models capable of reproducing private data from publicly available information, which can be used to create large volumes of high-quality artificial traffic patterns in different areas.

Furthermore, the conference addressed research on improving intelligent data-driven management of mobile networks, where solutions based on reliable data play an increasingly important role in the post-5G network environment.

Nile University's participation in the competition and conference was spearheaded by a distinguished team of faculty members from the School of Information Technology and Computer Science. The team included Dr. Ahmed El Mahdi, Dean of the School of Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile University, Dr. Tamer Arafa, Dr. Noha Gamal El-Din Saad Ali, Dr. Ghada Khoriba, and Engineer Mina Youssef, and faculty members of the school. In addition, an excellent team of teaching assistants and students from the school, including Manar Adel Hamed, Karim Ayman Rizk, Abdulrahman Yasser Said, Omar Khaled Shaib, Touka Nabil Mohammed, Jana Amer, and Khaled Aqrab, also contributed to the success of the participation.

The participating team from the Nile University highlighted that the university's involvement in the conference sessions significantly showcased the research capabilities of Egyptian academics, particularly those from the College of Computers and Information Technology at the University of the Nile. It also emphasized the Egyptian role in scientific research in general.