About Big Data and Data Science Diploma



Big Data and Data Science have become crucial in driving digital transformation across various industries. Organizations can leverage data assets collected from customers' interactions, especially from social marketing channels, using these tools to gain a competitive advantage. Building expertise in Data Science, Big Data Architecture, Engineering, and Team Leadership is necessary to prepare for this shift and enhance current data-related initiatives.

Nile University's Big Data and Data Science Professional Diploma (BDDS-PD) offers four academic courses along with a hands-on project integrating real-life customer engagement. The professional diploma combines science, business, technology, and industry knowledge to provide students with valuable skills for career advancement and credit hours towards a master’s degree, subject to NU's rules and admission requirements.


Key benefits and values:

  • Addresses the ever-increasing market demand for Data Scientists and Big Data Professionals.
  • Builds solid expertise and know-how in a relatively short time.
  • Combines science, technology and applications aligned with the needs of industry leaders and key vendors in this domain.
  • Provides hands-on, mentored case-driven projects in real-life contexts.
  • It is certified by Nile University.
  • Provides credit hours for potential ITCS Master Programs subject to NU admission requirements.


  • Students who registered in the program and successfully passed the courses of the Professional Diploma can apply for the master’s degree in Informatics, School of Communications and Information Technologies, Nile University.
  • Upon completion of all courses and the project, the student will receive the BDDS-PD certificate, which is a signed certificate by the Informatics Program Director with NU official stamp.

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