Advanced Big Data Analytics

This course starts with big data modeling and management systems for real-time and semi_x0002_structured data. Systems and tools discussed include: AsterixDB, HP Vertica, Impala, Neo4j, Redis, SparkSQL. Machine learning algorithms and scaling up for big data is subsequently presented as well as topics including cluster analysis, association analysis, and graph analytics including connectivity

Advanced Machine Learning

This is an advanced course on machine learning, focusing on recent advances in deep learning with neural networks, such as recurrent and Bayesian neural networks. The course will introduce the mathematical definitions of the relevant machine learning models and derive their associated optimization algorithms. Topics to be covered include Bayesian modelling and Gaussian processes, randomized

Advanced Computer Vision

This course covers advanced research topics in computer vision assuming basic knowledge of computer vision. The course will prepare graduate students in both the theoretical foundations of computer vision as well as the practical approaches to building real computer vision systems. Topics covered include multi-view geometry, motion analysis and activity recognition, unsupervised representation

Advanced Image Processing

This course provides in-depth study of advanced methods and research topics of current interest in image processing and analysis. The course covers nonlinear scale space and anisotropic diffusion, differential invariant structures, image registration including deformable registration (snakes, level sets) and atlas building, shape representations and the theory of shape spaces, level set

Advanced Medical Imaging

This course provides candidates with an understanding of advanced imaging systems and their integration across the fields of diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. This will include study of time-resolved ("4-dimensional") imaging (CT, MRI, and US), image-guided radiotherapy, and hybrid-modality imaging (e.g. PET/CT) together with topics such as image registration and its

Advanced Video Processing

This course covers various topics which includes video spatio-temporal sampling, motion estimation, parametric motion models, motion-compensated filtering, noise reduction, restoration, super-resolution, deinterlacing, video sampling structure conversion, and 46 compression (frame-based and object-based methods). Also, more advance topics such video segmentation, layered video representations

Advanced Big Data Processing

This course discusses advanced approaches and tools for big data processing. The course starts with describing popular big data frameworks with focus on Hadoop and Spark, HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce. The use of Pig, Hive, and Impala to work on data stored in HDFS is subsequently presented. Data ingestion with Sqoop and Flume, and real-time parallel processing with functional programming in Spark are

Advanced Natural Language Processing

This course focuses on the study of human language from a computational perspective. It covers syntactic, semantic and discourse processing models, emphasizing machine learning or corpus_x0002_based methods and algorithms. It also covers applications of these methods and models in syntactic parsing, information extraction, statistical machine translation, dialogue systems, and summarization

Advanced Bioinformatics

Modern-day biology is increasingly characterized by genome-scale and data-driven approaches. Bioinformatics use mathematics, statistics and computing to manage, analyze and build models from biological data to solve scientific problems. Present-day bioinformaticians are typically either bio-scientists armed with the methods of computer science, statistics and mathematics, or data analysts

Selected Topics in Informatics

This‬ course‬ is‬ tailored‬ to‬ introduce‬ students‬ to‬ the‬ latest‬ advances‬ in‬ the‬ various‬ fields‬ in‬ Informatics,‬and/or‬to‬focus‬on‬a‬specific‬area‬of‬particular‬interest‬to‬the‬discipline.‬The‬course‬ is‬ a series‬ of‬lectures‬ covering‬ current‬ research‬ and‬ research‬trends‬in‬the‬ area‬ of‬informatics.‬ Topics‬may‬include‬advanced‬aspects‬of‬some‬of‬the‬following:‬Cloud‬Computing
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