Advanced Network Security

Network ‬security‬ is‬ one‬ of ‬the ‬ever-evolving‬ domains ‬of ‬research.‬ The‬ course‬ has ‬to ‬go ‬deeply‬ into ‬large ‬scale‬ network‬ attacks‬ and ‬its‬ direct‬ and‬ indirect ‬impacts.‬ Students‬ have ‬to ‬examine ‬in‬ full‬ details‬ the ‬DoS,‬DDoS,‬Malware-based‬ attacks,‬penetration ‬testing‬ methodologies,‬ network‬ monitoring, ‬and‬ bot net‬ detection.‬ The‬ course ‬also‬ targets ‬designing ‬secure ‬network ‬protocols ‬and‬ studying‬ vulnerabilities ‬in ‬the ‬whole ‬TCP/IP‬ protocol‬s tack.‬ Students‬ must ‬examine ‬the ‬different‬ web‬ security‬ attacks,‬ and‬ the ‬associated ‬defense‬ models.

Course ID
INS 702
Credit Hours