Blockchain Technologies and Applications

INS 704

Cloud Computing Security

The course investigates deeply the security platforms and architecture associated with different cloud computing deployment models. Students have to examine the concerns, incidents, vulnerabilities, the corresponding security issues due to virtualization and the use of hypervisors and virtual machines. The course has to emphasize on the countermeasures correlated with the virtualized environments

INS 709

Advanced Applied Cryptography

This‬ course‬ targets‬ building‬ advanced‬ knowledge‬ and‬ experience‬ in‬ the‬ applied‬ domains‬ of‬ cryptography‬ and‬ its‬ future‬ trends‬ and‬ algorithms.‬ The‬ course‬ should‬ span‬ deeply‬ the‬ most‬ popular‬cryptanalytic‬techniques.‬Students‬must‬build‬experience‬and‬gain‬understanding‬of‬the‬ practical‬ and‬ applied‬ aspects‬ of‬the‬ cryptographic‬ engineering‬techniques‬ and‬ algorithms

INS 701

Advanced Network Security

Network ‬security‬ is‬ one‬ of ‬the ‬ever-evolving‬ domains ‬of ‬research.‬ The‬ course‬ has ‬to ‬go ‬deeply‬ into ‬large ‬scale‬ network‬ attacks‬ and ‬its‬ direct‬ and‬ indirect ‬impacts.‬ Students‬ have ‬to ‬examine ‬in‬ full‬ details‬ the ‬DoS,‬DDoS,‬Malware-based‬ attacks,‬penetration ‬testing‬ methodologies,‬ network‬ monitoring, ‬and‬ bot net‬ detection.‬ The‬ course ‬also‬ targets

INS 702

Cybercrime Identification and Prevention

In‬ this‬ course,‬ students‬ go‬ deeply‬ into‬ the‬ different‬ digital‬ cyber crime ‬scenes‬ and‬ scenarios; ‬from‬ the‬ criminal‬ and‬ the‬ victim(s)‬ perspectives.‬ The‬ course‬ analyses‬ the‬ vulnerability‬ foundation,‬ traditional‬ causes,‬ system‬ strengths‬ and‬ weaknesses,‬ counter measures,‬ and‬ prevention‬ and‬ protection ‬techniques. ‬Human‬ vulnerabilities,‬ insider‬ threat ‬and

INS 703

Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response

The‬ course‬ covers‬ the‬ necessary‬ capabilities‬ for‬ forensic‬ analysts‬ and‬ incident‬ responders‬ to‬ identify‬ and‬ counter‬ a‬ wide‬ range‬ of‬ threats‬ within‬ enterprise‬ networks,‬ including‬ economic‬ espionage,‬ hacktivism,‬ and‬ financial‬ crime‬ syndicates.‬ The‬ course‬ will‬ consist‬ of‬ in-class‬ presentations,‬workshops‬and‬interactive‬discussions‬about‬research‬papers.

INS 705

Advanced Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

This‬ advanced‬ course‬ introduces‬ students‬ to‬ the‬ most‬ prominent‬ and‬ powerful‬ attack‬ vectors,‬ allowing‬ students‬ to‬ perform‬ these‬ attacks‬ in‬ a‬ variety‬ of‬ hands-on‬ scenarios.‬ The‬ course‬ includes‬research‬seminars‬covering‬foundational‬work‬and‬current‬topics‬in‬penetration‬testing‬ and‬ethical‬hacking.‬Students‬will‬read‬and‬discuss‬published‬research‬papers‬as‬well‬as

INS 706

Physical Systems Security

The course examines security platforms and concerns related to cyber physical systems with emphasis on the industrial control systems such as SCADA systems. The course explores the industrial cyber security threats, corresponding networking architecture, control systems, design, protocols, and governing modules. Students have to investigate different security threats to different cyber-physical

INS 707

Advanced Operating Systems Security

This‬course‬examines‬in‬depth‬the‬operating‬systems’‬structuring,‬design‬and‬implementation‬concepts.‬It‬ emphasizes on the possible attack scenarios and vulnerabilities in distributed systems, scheduling in parallel systems, grid systems, parallel computing, virtualization, hypervisors and virtual machines, and defense-in-depth concepts in virtualized environment.

INS 708

Virtualization Security

The course examines the security issues of the classical versus virtualized data centers. Students have to go in depth into the hypervisor architectures, virtual machine construction and specifications, VM status, VM templates, the related security concerns, securing VM to VM traffic, securing hypervisor kernels and VMMs, virtual firewalls, virtualized networking environment, security incidents

INS 710

Advanced Applications Security and Coding

The course covers securing software design, development and implementation, defense in depth, multi_x0002_tier architecture, attacks to APIs, code vulnerability, data validation, SQL injection, data storage, encryption and decryption, error handling and logging, sessions hijacking, threat modeling and/or threat 54 trees, risk analysis, management, mitigation and countermeasures. The course

INS 711