Nandrolone decanoate safely combats catabolism in burned patients: A new potential indication after recall

Ali Y.H.
Ali T.

Introduction: The hyper-catabolic state is a devastating pathophysiological response to severe injury, infection or burns. Nandrolone decanoate (ND) is a potent anabolic steroid have many clinical indications, but not investigated in burn injuries yet. Patients and methods: A prospective randomized control study included 40 burned patients who were treated in Burn unit from burn injuries ranged from 20 to 40%. Both groups are objectively assessed, clinically and laboratory during treatment period till full recovery from burns’ injury. Recall assessment of the drug safety after many years is achieved. Results: ND showed highly significant results supporting its use in combating catabolic insults in burns patient. Both clinical findings and laboratory findings are correlated and highly support the use of ND in burns as new effective and safe long-lasting indication. Conclusion: This study results showed preservation of lean body mass and protein partition, as well as the near normal nitrogen balance in burn patients. Study proposes that nandrolone decanoate could be used in safe and effective way to combat hypercatabolic impact in burn injury. © 2021 Elsevier Ltd and ISBI